Low Resistance Earthing Module

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Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
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Low Resistance Earthing Module
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50 pieces
Lightning protection
Square, plum blossom,column

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10000 Piece/Pieces per Month

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wood case for Low Resistance Earthing Module.




  1.  Material: Nonmetallic minerals and electrolytes 
  2.  Characteristics: Good conductivity; Low-resistance; Nontoxic and pollution free; Long service life; Lowest price; 
  3.  Offer OEM or ODM mode service.


Grounding module is a nonmetallic materials for the main body of the ground, with good electrical 

conductivity and stability characteristics, are widely used in electric power, telecommunications, railway, 

construction, Minning,defense and various types of factories, warehouses and other facilities, grounding lightning protection, 

anti-static grounding, and particularly for high soil resistivity areas and occasions.    





 Product Description                                                          




1. BST series earthing module adopts stable nonmetallic material as a module of conductive medium, its electrical conductivity is not affected by season;



2. Moisture absorption moisture, grounding resistance is low, can maintain contact with the soil effectively, grounding resistance is low and can maintain long-term stability



3. After the big current shock resistance does not increase, also do not have to harden; , brittle fracture phenomenon;



4. At high soil resistivity area grounding, grounding resistance can be reduced effectively



5. Grounding resistance affected by season is small, resistance to maintain long-term stability.



6. Installation is simple, is not affected by climate and geological conditions



7. Corrosion resistance, non-toxic, no pollution, long service life to the environment.





 Graphite Earth Block Specification                                         






Technical Specification                                                             






Main Features:                                                                                                     


  • Drop resistance characteristics,the use of non-metallic conductive material as the main body,the physical type of inorganic product drop resistance,free of chemical pollutants,resistivity as low as 0.15Ωm.
  • Long-term characteristics,good chemical and biological stability,ensure the product after long-term effectiveness of their own material for over 20 years
  • Anti-corrosion characterictics of the metal wrapped module grounding electrode,isolated from oxygen and moisture in soil and ground electrode contacts,sinificantly reduced the corrosion of metal electrodes.


Application and Maintenance                                                                 

The main application areas
1.    The grounding system of the earth such as power plants, substations, high-voltage transmission lines, and a very low-voltage transmission lines: a power system.
2.    The transport system: electric railway, light rail, rapid transit, subways, airports, ports … and so on, the grounding system grounding.
3.    communication systems: as telecommunications room, mobile communication base stations, microwave relay stations, satellite receiving stations, network room, radio and television equipment … etc., grounding the grounding system to the extreme.
4.    Industrial areas: industry, such as various types of industrial plants, warehouses, each room … and other earth grounding system extremely necessary.
5.    The construction industry: a variety of high-rise buildings such as building, business (China) with a floor, main building, famous ancient buildings, tall monument … and so on, the grounding system grounding.
6.    Recreation areas: such as amusement parks, golf courses, sports arenas, ecological protection areas, and other outdoor attractions … all the necessary grounding grounding system to the extreme.
7.    Other: the need for applying protective earthing system for all ground grid. 



Consruction & general requirements                                                

1. Non-metal earthing body vertical embedded or horizontal embedment, can be the top of the ground material ontology embedment depth should not be less than 0.8 m, usually from 0.8 m to 0.8 m.

2. Using several modules in parallel embedment, module spacing should not be less than 4 m, if conditions don’t allow, can relax appropriately

3. Asked for the same kind of metal material welding, ensure the reliability of the connection. Welding length according to the requirements of grounding specification should be a core module width at least more than 2 times, virtual welding, welding is not permitted. Should be in the welding place clean welding slag, coated with a layer of asphalt or anti-corrosion paint, in case the very core of corrosion.

4. module and the surrounding filling BST – drag-reducing agent, and then with fine soil backfill compaction, general use 25 kg each module below ` ~ 50 kg of drag reduction agent.

5. hierarchical compaction, stay module (24 hours) after sufficient moisture absorption after grounding resistance measurement.







Quality Control                                                                                                 


1.IQC (Incoming check )

2.IPQC (Process quallity control )

3.First Piece quality control

4.Mass products quality control

5.OQC (Outgoing quality control)

6.FQC (Final Quality Check)







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